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Step 1

(This site has been set up specifically to help libraries in the CEF system take advantage of the free hosting plan offered to not-for-profits.  While the website can be used for any type of software or website building platform, these instructions cover the use of WordPress.  Included are at least 5 free WordPress themes that have been slightly edited to better fit the needs of what most small public libraries wish to accomplish with their sites.)

Set Up Your Account at DreamHost

Sign up for an account from their Non-Profit Page.  This leads you to the same sign up form that everyone uses, but when you get to the payment section you should not pay, but check off that you wil send a check.  All you do then is fax the invoice page along with your IRS determination letter to them at the number indicated.  You will get an email within a business day or so when your account is set up.

If you already own a url, or website name, check the “I already own a domain, I just want to host it with you” option.  You should then move the domain over to them so they can maintain it with your accoutn as the free domain name that goes with your account.  If you do not own a domain, go ahead and choose one.  YOu should choose something easy to remember that reflects your library.  The best choice is a “.ORG” name if available.  In Wilmington we also own the .COM domain and simpy redirect or link it to our .ORG site.

On this same page, sign up for the ten year package.  You can later on edit your account so your domain automatically renews, so you do not have to stay on top of it every year (although they will send you emails when it is about to expire).

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