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Library Theme 1 # Library Theme 2 # Library Theme 3 # Library Theme 4 # Library Theme 5

(This site has been set up specifically to help libraries in the CEF system take advantage of the free hosting plan offered to not-for-profits.  While the website can be used for any type of software or website building platform, these instructions cover the use of WordPress.  Included are at least 5 free WordPress themes that have been slightly edited to better fit the needs of what most small public libraries wish to accomplish with their sites.)

Pre-Designed Templates, or Themes

There are thousands if not tens of thousands of WordPress themes to choose from.  Some are free and some can cost up to hundreds of dollars.  While the most tailored and customized work usually costs money, there are quite a few very nice options out there that are free.  Part of this is simply that many people believe in sharing this type of thing.  Others offer high quality work as a sort of advertising.  It will drive traffic to their business where they can provide custom design work for a fee.

In any case, the WordPress platform evolved from a blog-type design, and as such there is an emphasis on the new posts and updates that can be added every day.   By tweaking the interior code of themes, and sometimes simply bu adjusting some of the standard settings, we can modify this to function very well as a more traditional website.  There is still the option to include updates as an easy to use and integral part of the site, but these do not have to be front and center.  See the main site of our library to see how we use the posting feature on the front page.

Below are the current templates we have modified to serve as a starting point for a library or non profit.  These are all free themes, some included with the DreamHost WordPress set-up.  The modifications are not that extensive, mostly to the css stylesheet and a few of the php files.  As such, the files have been renamed with a LIBR in front of the original file name to prevent any accidental loss of edits.  When we have WordPress up and running, I will either load these for you and get everything to a place where you can take over, or simply provide you with the zipped file to load for yourself.  I can make some additional changes to the code, but nothing too extensive.

Library Theme 1

Library Theme 2

Library Theme 3

Library Theme 4

Library Theme 5

If you want to explore on your own, there are a number of resources available.  Again, the DreamHost Advanced WordPress installation comes with many theme loaded and ready to go, and it is easy to load new themes if you another that you like better.

Some good lists of free themes are available HERE, and HERE, and HERE and HERE.

There is an extensive directory of themes at the WordPress site HERE.

Find out more about WordPress HERE.