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Step 6

(This site has been set up specifically to help libraries in the CEF system take advantage of the free hosting plan offered to not-for-profits.  While the website can be used for any type of software or website building platform, these instructions cover the use of WordPress.  Included are at least 5 free WordPress themes that have been slightly edited to better fit the needs of what most small public libraries wish to accomplish with their sites.)

Start Using the Site

Decide what pages you want.  Look at all the other CEF Library sites to get an idea of what others use.  Create your main pages, even if you do not fill them in yet.  Create your main link categories so you can add these as you have time.  All you need now is the basic structure.  You can ad and improve the layout at your leisure.  We need the main pages up now though so we can be sure the header is configured properly.  Decide where you wand your catalog and renewal links.

If you want to post updates and new on the site, figure out where you want it displayed.   Most libraries do not have this on the front page.  On our site we chose to have it on the front page, but made sure it was on the lower part of the page so as not to obscure the main navigational content up top.  If you do want it on the from page, it is possible to make it appear less prominent, but is some cases this will involve coding the rest of the front page in a manner that make it a bit harder to edit.  The choice of front page and posts page is controlled in the primary settings tab of the administrative area.

After this point I will work with you for a bit more to be sure everything is running smoothly.  Whoever spearheads the project for you should be able to take over from this time, assuming they have even a passing knowledge of this stuff, although I will always be happy to answer the occasional question.

My offer of help does not extend beyond the intended libraries in the CEF system, although any Essex County, NY 501 (c) (3) non-profit is equally welcome to contact me for assistance.  The templates I have shown here, assuming I provide links for download rather than doing it all myself, are free for the taking as long as you keep the footer acknowledgements and links intact as per the request of the original designers.

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