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Step 2

(This site has been set up specifically to help libraries in the CEF system take advantage of the free hosting plan offered to not-for-profits.  While the website can be used for any type of software or website building platform, these instructions cover the use of WordPress.  Included are at least 5 free WordPress themes that have been slightly edited to better fit the needs of what most small public libraries wish to accomplish with their sites.)

Install WordPress

Go to the Account Panel of your account.  On the right hand side, find the Goodies tab and click the One Click Installs option.    The option you want here is “Install New Website Software – Advanced Mode.”  This is called the one-click section because it literally takes only a few clicks and a few minutes to do.  You need to set up a database, which is not hard, and is not something you really have to interact with.  The easy mode is even simpler, but you would not have the control you need over the base files of the program to adapt the themes to what we want to do.  (You also would not be able to add any new themes.)

Once you install WordPress, you will get an email.  This usually takes 5 or 10 minutes at the most.  You then flick the link, set up an administrative user for WordPress (which takes 20 seconds), and you are done.  All that is left is to install the theme you want and configure it to serve your purpose.

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